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NEW: Request a repair!

We have just launched our new report a repair feature. From your My Network Homes account, you can now report non-emergency repairs that are our responsibility to fix.

Benefits of reporting your repairs online:

  • Reporting your repairs to us via your online account, rather than our website form, means you don’t have to fill in any more information than you absolutely need to.
  • All your important information and cases are in one place.
  • Reporting your repairs through My Network Homes allows us to ensure that we have the right information to help fix your problem, and minimise how often we need to call you back.
  • You are provided with your reference number immediately, so you can follow up with us if you need to (no more losing pieces of paper!).
  • You can access our repairs FAQs and find specific guidance relating to your repair.

In cases of emergencies please always call us on 0300 373 3000.