If you need new or extra key fobs for your building, we'd be happy to help! Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Reach out to our friendly Customer Service Team and they'll give you all the details you need. They'll let you know how much a new fob costs and who will distribute it. Depending on where you live, it may be one of our managing agents or a third-party company we work with. Fob costs can range from £15 to £50.

2. When you're ready to pay for your fobs, you can use your debit card. Once payment is made, you can either come pick them up from our office or we can send them to your home via recorded delivery. If you choose delivery, there will be an additional £4 charge for this service.

Just a heads up: If you live in a rented SNG property, only the primary tenant (as stated on the tenancy agreement) can order and pay for fobs on behalf of their household.

If you own the property and have sublet it to a tenant, only you as the leaseholder can order and pay for fobs for household members or sub-tenants.