When it comes to ordering and paying for fobs, the process varies depending on your status as a tenant or leaseholder. Here's a breakdown of who can order and pay for fobs:

  1. Tenants of SNG Rental Properties: If you live in a rented property owned by SNG, the primary tenant listed on the tenancy agreement is the only person authorised to order and pay for fobs on their household's behalf. As the primary tenant, you have the responsibility for managing fob requests and associated payments.
  2. Leaseholders Subletting their Property: In the case where you own the property and sublet it to a tenant, the ordering and payment for fobs can only be done by you as the leaseholder. As the property owner and leaseholder, you are responsible for facilitating fob requests and covering the associated costs for household members or subtenants.

If you have any further questions or need specific guidance regarding fobs, chat with one of our Customer Services Advisors and they will be only to happy to help. They can also provide you with the necessary information and support to facilitate the fob ordering and payment process.