Maintaining a well-kept garden contributes to the beauty of our community. Here's a breakdown of the responsibilities for garden maintenance: 

  1. Individual Gardens: If you have an individual garden at your home, it is your responsibility to ensure it remains clear and tidy. Regular upkeep of your garden is essential. Failure to keep it clear and tidy may result in additional charges for clearance and associated costs, including pest control. By taking care of your individual garden, you contribute to the overall appearance of the community. 

  1. Communal Gardens or Outside Spaces: For communal gardens or shared outdoor areas, our dedicated gardening and grounds maintenance contractors are responsible for keeping them in the best possible condition. Their goal is to provide an attractive space for everyone to enjoy. We provide a schedule of grounds maintenance visits on your notice boards, so you are aware of when they are due to work on the garden or outside space. Their tasks include weeding, grass cutting, hedge trimming, shrub cutting, lawn care, pruning, environmental planting, and some tree maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures that these communal areas remain vibrant and well-maintained. 

By understanding and fulfilling these respective responsibilities, we can create a harmonious and visually appealing environment for all customers to relish.