At SNG, some of our estates have parking controls in place, which require a valid parking permit for parking on-site. Failure to display a valid permit may result in a fine issued by our parking contractor, CPM. Signs will be prominently displayed to indicate if parking controls are enforced in your estate. 

There are instances where you do not need a parking permit: 

  • Private driveways 

  • Individual garages 

  • Developments where another housing association is responsible for parking. In such cases, please refer to the displayed signage to ensure compliance with parking restrictions. 

To apply for a parking permit, please visit CPM's website at If you have any questions about the process, you can reach CPM at 0845 463 5050 or Freephone 0345 463 5050. 

When applying for a permit, you will need to provide CPM with copies of your vehicle registration document and insurance certificate, indicating that the vehicle is registered at your home address. CPM may request additional information, such as a valid driving license and confirmation from an employer for company-owned vehicles. Proof of being an SNG customer may also be required. 

The cost of a new permit varies between £20 and £25, depending on your location, while a replacement permit costs £30. 

If you reside in sheltered housing, please consult your local staff member for specific arrangements regarding parking permits. 

It is important to display your permit clearly in the front windscreen of your car or on the dashboard. Failure to display a valid or expired permit may result in a fine. 

Please note that SNG operates a one permit per household scheme. Therefore, only one permit will be issued per property. Ensure that your permit is always displayed in the vehicle parked on-site to avoid receiving a parking fine. 

Motorbikes parked in shared areas do not require a permit, but they must be parked safely. 

If you have a company vehicle, you can still apply for a resident permit. You will need a copy of the registration document from your company, along with a letter of authority stating that you use the vehicle outside of office hours. However, parking another vehicle simultaneously is not permitted. 

For short-term rental or courtesy cars, please inform us by calling 0300 373 3000. We may request documents to verify ownership. During this period, we will instruct CPM to add your car to their exceptions list, and your parking permit will be temporarily suspended. Please note that permit suspension does not apply to residents who have purchased the right to park or those with demised parking bays. 

If you are disabled, do not own a vehicle, and require a carer, you can request carer permit by calling us on 0300 373 3000. Please inform your care worker, nurse, or doctor to display the visitors permit. Free visitors permits/scratch cards are available for health care workers at older persons' schemes. 

Please be aware that we may refuse or withdraw your parking permit if you have rent arrears exceeding £500, have breached other tenancy conditions, or if your vehicle is untaxed or abandoned. In such cases, we will provide a written explanation and give you a 14-day notice before withdrawing the permit. If you wish to appeal our decision, you can do so through SNG's complaints process. However, temporary permits are not issued during the appeals consideration period.