If you come across an abandoned vehicle on land owned by SNG, we appreciate your efforts in reporting it. To report an abandoned vehicle in such cases, please contact us directly at 0300 373 3000. We will then inform our parking contractor, CPM, to initiate an investigation and take appropriate action. 

It's important to note that CPM can only address vehicles abandoned on land owned by SNG. If you encounter an abandoned vehicle on public roads or privately owned land, including gardens or parking spaces purchased by customers, a different procedure applies. To report a vehicle abandoned in such locations, please visit or get in touch with your local authority. 

Once an abandoned vehicle is reported on SNG's land, the following steps are taken: 

  1. TORT Notice: SNG will issue a TORT notice, which will be placed on the vehicle. This notice gives the owner a period of 28 days to remove the vehicle. 

  1. Owner Details Retrieval: CPM will obtain the owner's details from the DVLA and send a letter to the address registered with the vehicle. 

If the vehicle remains untouched after the expiration of the TORT notice, CPM will proceed with the removal process. 

To identify an abandoned vehicle, it's important to consider various factors, as there is no precise legal definition. Here are some indicators to look out for: 

  1. Tax status: Check if the vehicle is taxed or not. 

  1. Doors: Observe whether the doors are open or unlocked. 

  1. Tires: Look for flat tires or missing wheels. 

  1. Windows: Note if the windows are open or broken. 

  1. Condition: Pay attention to signs of burning, significant rust on brake discs, substantial damage, or the presence of waste. 

  1. Interior: Look for mold on the inside. 

  1. Stationary: Assess if the vehicle has remained stationary for an extended period. 

  1. License plates: Check if one or more license plates are missing. 

  1. Location: Consider the location where the vehicle is abandoned. 

  1. DVLA Records: Any details regarding the vehicle held by the DVLA. 

By being observant and considering these factors, you can assist in identifying potential abandoned vehicles.