If you find yourself facing difficulties in paying your rent, we encourage you to reach out to us promptly. By contacting us at 0300 373 3000 as soon as possible, we can provide assistance in a timely manner. 

Addressing the issue promptly is essential. Allowing debts to accumulate can put your home at risk. Therefore, it is important to take action without delay. 

We offer various avenues of support to help you overcome rent payment challenges. Some of the ways we may be able to assist include: 

  1. Personal Repayment Plans: We can work with you to establish personalized repayment plans that suit your financial situation. 

  1. Benefits Assessment: Our team can assess whether you might be entitled to additional benefits that you are not currently receiving, potentially improving your financial circumstances. 

  1. Budget Planning: We can help you develop a budget plan, offering guidance on managing your finances effectively. 

  1. Referral to Debt Advice and Support: If necessary, we can connect you with other services specializing in debt advice and support. 

  1. Employment and Training Opportunities: We can explore employment and training options to enhance your income and improve your financial stability. 

In addition to contacting us, we recommend reaching out to Payplan for free money management advice. They can be reached at 0800 716 239 or through their website, providing valuable assistance in managing your finances. 

Remember, the sooner you seek support, the faster we can work together to address your rent payment challenges and help you maintain your home.