If you are interested in applying for sheltered housing, the process is straightforward. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Contact your local council: Reach out to your local council and express your desire to apply for sheltered housing. Inform them about your housing needs and specify that you are seeking sheltered accommodation. The council will guide you through their specific application process, which may vary depending on your locality.
  2. Housing application: Submit a housing application to the council, providing the necessary information and documentation as required. Be sure to highlight your preference for sheltered housing in your application. The council will process your application in accordance with their local arrangements, taking into account your needs and priorities.
  3. Voluntary agencies (London specific): If you are based in London, we also collaborate with several voluntary agencies that can refer you directly to us. One such example is Brent Age UK. These agencies have a working relationship with us and can assist in connecting you to our sheltered housing options. You may inquire with your local council or explore voluntary agencies in your area for additional support.

Once you have completed these steps, the allocation of homes within SNG will be managed by our dedicated Voids and Lettings Teams in London and Hertford. They will carefully assess your application and match it with available sheltered housing units based on your preferences, needs, and eligibility criteria.

We strive to ensure that the application process is efficient and transparent, and our teams are dedicated to finding you a suitable home within our sheltered housing schemes.