When it comes to extra care and flexi care housing, rent and service charges are regulated by the government. These charges cover the costs associated with providing essential services to support residents. Here's what you need to know:

Rent: The rent for extra care and flexi care housing is set and regulated by the government. The specific amount will depend on various factors, such as the location, size of the accommodation, and any applicable subsidy or assistance programs.

Service Charges: Service charges are collected to cover the costs incurred in providing additional services within the housing scheme. It's important to note that not all service charges are eligible for housing benefit. Here's a breakdown of eligible and ineligible service charges:

Housing Benefit Eligible Services:

  1. Contribution to Staffing Costs: This covers the cost of staffing within the housing scheme to ensure residents receive the necessary support and assistance.
  2. Cleaning and Ground Maintenance of Communal Areas: Service charges contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of shared spaces, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for all residents.
  3. Communal Heating and Hot Water: The costs associated with providing heating and hot water in communal areas are covered by the service charges.
  4. Servicing and Maintenance of Communal Facilities: This includes the upkeep and maintenance of essential communal facilities such as fire alarms, community alarms, lifts, and other shared amenities.
  5. Communal Furnishings: Service charges may also cover the provision and upkeep of furnishings in communal areas.
Housing Benefit Ineligible Service Charges:
  1. Heating and Hot Water in the Flat: Depending on the specific scheme, the costs associated with heating and hot water within individual flats may be ineligible for housing benefit. Please consult the scheme's guidelines for more information.
  2. 1 Hour of Flat Cleaning a Week in London Extra Care Schemes: The cost of cleaning services provided directly into individual flats in London extra care schemes is not eligible for housing benefit.
  3. Emergency Alarms (In Some Areas): Depending on the location and arrangements, service charges related to emergency alarms may not be covered by housing benefit.
  • It is important to note that while housing benefit may cover eligible service charges, any service charges that are not eligible will need to be paid directly by the resident.

  • For specific details on the rent and service charges applicable to extra care and flexi care housing, we recommend contacting the relevant housing provider or local council, as charges can vary depending on the scheme and location.