You will need to deal with any pests in your own home. Rats, mice and other pests can get in through holes in the brickwork, roof, skirting boards and floorboards of your property. It is your responsibility to block up any holes.

Here is some advice to help reduce the chance of pests and vermin becoming an issue:

  • Keep your home clean, especially the kitchen. Clean surfaces and floors regularly to remove any traces of food. If possible store food in sealed containers. Uncovered food can attract pests and vermin.
  • Put rubbish out in sealed bags or bins. Always use a bird table when you feed garden birds. Putting bird food on the ground can attract rats and mice, as can putting cooked food in a compost heap.
  • Don’t leave old furniture, mattresses or other rubbish in your garden. These make a great place for mice and rats to nest.
  • Ask your local Council to collect bulky household waste or take this to the tip yourself.
  • Keep your garden tidy as an overgrown garden provides a good home for mice and rats.

We have also negotiated preferential rates for our customers with our pest control contractor. Please contact our Customer Service Centre by email for more information.

You can also ask your local Council’s Environmental Health Department for advice on how to deal with pests and vermin.

We will deal with any pest like wasps, rats and mice in communal areas. If you notice anything it's important you report it to us by contacting our Customer Service Centre on 0300 373 3000 or completing our online form at

Because of the nature of sheltered housing, we may assist with dealing with pests so as to prevent infestation. However, you maybe re-charged for this service.

More information on dealing with pests can be found on the British Pest Control Association’s website