During emergency situations, it is crucial to take immediate actions and contact the appropriate authorities. Here is a guide to help you respond to specific emergencies:

  1. Gas Smell or Leak:
  • Turn off your gas meter immediately.
  • Contact Cadent at 0800 111 999 without delay.
  • Avoid using any light switches or power switches.
  • Open windows to ventilate the area.
  • After reporting to Cadent, please inform our Customer Service Centre.
  1. Smoke:
  • Call emergency services by dialling 999.
  • Ensure your safety and evacuate the premises if necessary.
  • Once you have reported the situation to the authorities, please inform our Customer Service Centre.
For other emergencies not related to gas smell or smoke, please contact our Customer Service Centre at 0300 373 3000.
The following problems are classified as emergencies:
  • No electricity in the entire property.
  • No water supply in the entire property.
  • Lack of drinking water.
  • Flooding or uncontainable leak.
  • Wall or ceiling collapse, or imminent collapse.
  • Property security is compromised.
  • Any damage that poses a health and safety risk to you or anyone in your home.
  • Sewage upsurge in your home.
  • When faced with any of these emergency situations, please reach out to our Customer Service Centre immediately. Our team will guide you and take appropriate actions to address the emergency.
    Remember, your safety is our priority, and prompt reporting of emergencies is crucial to ensure a timely and effective response.