In our sheltered and extra care housing located in London and Hertford, we offer a valuable service known as the wellbeing call. This service is designed to provide regular check-ins and support for our customers, promoting their overall wellbeing and safety. Participation in the wellbeing call service is optional, and residents can choose to opt in or out according to their preferences.

The scheme manager, in collaboration with you, will establish specific days and times for the wellbeing calls. These calls serve as an opportunity for us to check on your wellbeing, ensuring that you are safe and in good health. It is essential that you keep the scheme manager informed if you plan to be away, as this helps us maintain accurate records and avoid unnecessary concern. If we are unable to reach you during a scheduled call, we will attempt to contact your designated next of kin to ensure your welfare.

In cases where we are unable to establish your safety or wellbeing through the phone call, we may need to access your flat. We want to emphasise that this is done out of genuine concern for your welfare, with the intention of ensuring that you have not encountered an accident or become unwell. If it becomes necessary to enter your flat when you are not present, we will leave a letter detailing the date and purpose of our entry. In situations where you have been taken ill, we will take appropriate action to ensure you receive the necessary support and care.

The wellbeing call service is a proactive measure we have put in place to prioritise the safety and comfort of our customers. It allows us to maintain regular contact, address any potential concerns promptly, and provide assistance when needed.