At SW9, our estates have 24 Hour parking controls in place, which require a valid parking permit for parking on-site. Failure to display a valid permit may result in a fine issued by our parking contractor, Bridge. Signs will be prominently displayed to advise parking controls are enforced in your estate. SW9 offers a variety of options for residential parking some of these options are
  • Secure designated parking in the under croft (License agreement and payment is made via Direct Debit)
  • On street Parking
  • Visitor Parking
To apply for a parking permit, please visit SW9 Offices or you can call on 0207 326 3700 or email:  
When applying for a permit, you will need to provide SW9 with copies of your vehicle registration document and insurance certificate, indicating that the vehicle is registered at your home address.
Your parking permit is essential for ensuring smooth parking arrangements. To keep things hassle-free, it's important to renew your permit when it's about to expire. Permits typically last for either 6 or 12 months, and the expiration date is clearly mentioned on the permit itself. 
Remember, your permit does not automatically renew, so it's your responsibility to initiate the renewal process. To renew your permit, you can easily do so by visiting the SW9 Offices, or you can call on 0207 326 3700 or email:   
If you require a replacement car park fob, please follow these simple steps to place your order:
  1. Contact the Neighbourhood Team: Reach out to our dedicated Neighbourhood Team to initiate the car park fob request. They will guide you through the process and provide further instructions.
  2. Provide Necessary Documentation: In some cases, you may be required to provide proof of a car parking permit or an agreement allowing you to use the car park. This documentation may be requested by the Neighbourhood Team to authorise your fob request.
  3. Payment for the Fobs: Before the fobs can be delivered to you, it is necessary to make the payment. The cost for the majority of car park fobs is £50. Please ensure that the payment is completed as instructed by the Neighbourhood Team.
  4. Delivery of the Fobs: Once the payment is received, the fobs will be prepared and delivered to you accordingly.
If you find someone has parked in your designated space without authorisation, we kindly request that you contact SW9 and our parking contractor, Bridge, to report the incident promptly. They have the necessary authority to issue a fine to the owner of the vehicle responsible for the unauthorised parking. 
When it comes to fines for parking violations, it's important to know that the responsibility for payment lies with the owner of the vehicle involved. 
If you believe that you have received a fine unfairly, you have the option to lodge an appeal. However, please note that parking appeals are handled directly by our parking contractor, Bridge. You can find the contact details for submitting an appeal on the back of the parking ticket itself. SNG does not handle parking appeals directly. 
Once you submit an appeal, Bridge will carefully assess it. If, after review, the fine is upheld and you fail to pay it by the specified deadline, Bridge may initiate legal action to recover the outstanding amount. 
To provide you with some context, here are a few common reasons why individuals may receive a parking fine: 
  1. Blocking entrances and exits onto our estates. 
  1. Possessing an invalid permit for parking. 
  1. Parking in a visitors bay without a valid permit. 
  1. Exceeding the permitted time limit
  1. Parking in another reserved bay that is not assigned to you. 
  1. Parking on single or double yellow lines, which are restricted areas. 

We encourage all customers to be mindful of the parking regulations in place to ensure a fair and efficient parking system for everyone.